About Me

I love to explore, share experiences, and help grow people who really want to gain proper PC knowledge or become a tech expert in their career.

Hello, I'm Habibullah S Sakib!

I'm the founder and writer of The Pc Tips, sharing my knowledge about problem-solving and how-to guides, fueled by a passion for computer skills from my work and my beloved people who face general issues using computers in their daily life. I cover basic to advanced troubleshooting and provide how-to guides for Windows software that we use in our daily lives and professional workplaces. From how to write in Microsoft Word to how to edit videos, create content, and learn computer programming, you'll find it easy to learn software skills through my blog. Welcome to my blogging world.

Blog Writing

Let's dive into the latest PC skills through our engaging blog posts. Each entry is crafted to inform, troubleshoot, build skills, and provoke thought among our readers.

How-to tutorials

Tune into our videos with tech-savvy how-to tutorials for in-depth discussions on software skills related to troubleshooting, design, and development.

My Mission

My mission for Thepctips was to create a platform where people can find solutions for computer troubleshooting, from basic software like Microsoft Word and Excel to graphic tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and video editing software like CapCut and Premiere Pro, all through tutorial-based videos.

My Vision

Everyday people get stuck on computers for long periods trying to solve issues or due to a lack of proper knowledge in using tools for their daily life or office work. Therefore, I continue to guide Thepctips with the aim of making a significant impact on the way people solve problems through troubleshooting or receive proper guidance in using any software.

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New York